City begins largest drainage project on record


On Monday, April 8, crews began working on another infrastructure project by working to repair Monticello’s decades old problem of storm drainage.

The project will immediately affect the residents of Jackson, Conley, Pauline, College and Shelton Streets, with residents on Gaines benefiting as well. The project coincides with existing work city crews have been performing for the last year.

The project, the largest on record for the city, will involve reshaping the most troublesome area of the Godfrey ditch, removing debris, placing barrier down to re-establish bank structure and placing large rock to improve function and looks. Godfrey Creek, which runs for miles from the high elevation of Mason Hill all the way through the east end of Monticello past the airport, has flooded homes and neighborhoods for years during heavy rains. Due to deteriorating drains, ditches and culverts, storm water has destroyed city streets, homes and costs the city thousands of dollars in labor and repairs.

“We have had studies performed and meetings on this issue for years. It’s time to fix it and restore the neighborhoods,” Mayor Jason Akers said. “No one wants to live in a neighborhood where homes flood, so people move out and the area deteriorates. We are working to reverse that, and we will”.