City completes largest drainage project covering entire neighborhood


“Expanding a City is fine, but you can’t abandon the older areas and have them in disarray,” Mayor Jason Akers said. “A city should be judged on its entirety, not just the newest parts”.

Crews have recently completed what has been determined to be the largest drainage project ever undertaken by the City. For decades, drainage issues have plagued College, Pauline, Jackson, Conley and Shelton Streets.

The recent project widened and in spots deepened the Godfrey Ditch allowing storm water to flow more freely and not overwhelm the area, flooding roads and homes.

Then after widening and re-sloping the large creek from College Street to East Gaines, the waterways were lined with a biodegradable base that will allow grass and root structures to form to strengthen the ditch bank and create stability. Near the large culverts, decorative stones were added to improve function and improve the looks of the neighborhoods.

Drainage issues caused the city to continually spend money on roads as they were damaged due to water receding and removing the street foundations. Some driveways had completely washed out and property erosion and homes flooding had caused residents to move.

“This project was studied and talked about for decades,” Mayor Akers added. “We quit talking and did it”.