From the Desk of the Drew County Sheriff



I hope everyone had a great and safe February. As our month began we were moving along as planned chipping away one day at a time. However, as with anything, we encountered various obstacles, but it was nothing we couldn’t handle. 

I, Sheriff Nichols have been researching grants. The grants being searched are to help with cost and training. Deputy Chris Austin and K9, Aiko, were deployed several times assisting in many different assignments within the district. They were able to attend their monthly training off site to help ensure that we have a K9 division to be proud of. 

Sgt. Daniel Garrison and Chief Deputy Jerome Perez began planning training classes and schedules, as well as constructing the hiring packets for some certified auxiliary personnel. 

We were able to provide security and watch some amazing Pirate basketball. Our patrol division started completing weekly activity logs in order to keep track of the types of crimes and calls received. These weekly logs will be kept up with and calculated into a monthly report. 

The Commissary Program was started within the Drew County Detention Facility and we are maintaining a low cost budget with our inventory. This is by purchasing our products locally and picking it up from the store weekly after an order is placed. 

Our jail staff and patrol units have received Narcan training, where they were  given a supply of the medication. Although we pray that we never have to use it, we will be ready to do so if the situation arises. 

We also made three arrest of persons who attempted the introduce prohibited articles into the jail. These cases will be sent to the prosecutor for formal charges. 

The patrol division and I have started doing property checks where we check properties and leave a card indicating what we may have found for the property owners. Property checks are not limited to commercial properties, farming and logging equipment, camps and churches. I make it a point each weekend to patrol and conduct checks at various times, while also patrolling the county roads. These procedures are to protect you and your families.


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