From the desk of the Mayor:


The City of Monticello was assisted last Friday by Arkansas Department of Corrections inmates in addressing drainage and debris issues in Monticello. 

Inmates and staff worked near Gabbert, Shelton, and Jackson Streets last week cleaning ditches and overgrowth of organic material. Previously this year, the inmates assisted in cleaning the City Transfer Station. 

The inmates work is part of an ongoing and focused effort by the Mayor’s Office to address decades long drainage and debris issues faced in Monticello. 

The arrangement with ADC to have inmate labor requires the city to supply the food for the inmates, which can get costly with a large number of inmates working. 

Instead of purchasing commercial fast food, the Mayor has arranged to feed the inmates by utilizing the Senior Citizens Center, which is funded by the City, to supply meals for those working at roughly half the cost. 

“While inmate labor is greatly appreciated, city public works staff has also been working to clear clogged streams and ditches using heavy equipment. 

The vast network of ditches and drains throughout Monticello did not get overgrown overnight nor will they be fixed overnight. We have to start somewhere and the time to start is now. We will continue to utilize every tool at our disposal,” Akers stated.


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