Highway 35 Junk Hunt returns to Drew County

The eighth annual Highway 35 Junk Hunt will take place Thursday, March 9 through Saturday, March 11.


The hunt includes miles and miles of yard sales, hubs of vendors and sales at local businesses along the route running south from Benton along Highway 35 through Sheridan, Rison, Monticello and ending around the Collins community in Drew County.

Along the route, there will be hubs of multiple vendors set up. 

Hubs along the route and notices of sales can be found in the Highway 35 Junk Hunt Sales Group on Facebook, as well as the official Junk Hunt Facebook Page.

While the Junk Hunts give locals a chance to turn stuff laying around the house into cash, an organizer of the event said one of the motivating factors in her putting the event together in the first place was to bring people to a part of the state they normally would never visit.

“I’m not sure everyone understands how the 35 Junk Hunt and the 79-63 Junk Hunt impacts not only the individuals setting up, but our cities and counties,” Via said. “A lot of those who I know are coming in don’t just visit our area other than to go junkin’, so the ‘junk’ is the ‘bait’ to bring folks into our neck of the woods.”

Via said those who travel the route are generating local sales tax revenue every time they buy food, gas, snacks, etc. along the route that stretches across four counties: Saline, Grant, Cleveland and Drew.

“Not only are we helping each other, we’re meeting and visiting with one another, and sharing our knowledge of our friends’ and neighbors’ businesses and our local landmarks,” Via said. “It only takes one statement to help spread the word about our assets.”

For general information regarding the Junk Hunt, contact Via at (870) 917-8267 or Vickie Padgett at (870) 489-5687.