New faces join Monticello Fire Department


Monticello Fire Department has filled open positions for full time firefighters with young blood.

Cassidy Garcia, 21, of Monticello, and Domonick Adair, 24, of Monticello were hired as full time employees earlier this month and will attend the eight week fire academy and two week driver/operator class in the coming weeks.

MFD currently has a full time fireman attending the academy. The department is fully staffed but has five volunteer position still open.

“I was disappointed there was no Dalmatian dog at the fire station,” Garcia jokingly said. “But, I always wanted to help people and when this opportunity came open, I took it.”

“The community helped me while growing up and I wanted to give back,” Adair stated. “I was always told to shoot for my dreams, even if I walked alone.”

Fire Chief Eric Chisom said he was excited to have some new blood in the rotation.


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