City Water Well Repair Project Underway


According to Monticello Mayor Jason Akers, last week City Water staff began supervising the repair of the city water well located near the University of Arkansas at Monticello Campus. The city now conducts periodic pump testing at city wells, with recent inspections showing the pump at the UAM well wasn’t functioning properly.  

The issue causing the pump’s reduced performance was discovered at 280 feet below the surface, with the well shaft having suffered a fracture.

The City expects the well to be repaired and back operational within the course of the next two weeks. There has been no disruption of service due to the well being out of commission during the repairs.

“Pumps and Wells are not cheap. Testing pumps periodically allows us to find and address smaller issues before they become big issues that are extremely costly to repair,” Mayor Akers said. “We anticipate having this well back up and running by the end of next week”.