Construction continues on the Lake Monticello trail project


An estimated three miles of bike optimized multipurpose trail have been completed with crews still on site working to add additional mileage. Progressive Trail Design and Topp Trails are nearing completion of the first phase of the project. Recent wet weather has slowed progress, but the crews are moving as fast as possible. Topp Trails is currently putting the finishing touches on the skills park/pump track area which is located off the parking lot on the Harris Road access of Lake Monticello. Crews are expected to be onsite for another 4-5 months. The City of Monticello was awarded another ArDOT TAP grant in the amount of $100,000 for the 2022 grant cycle.  This amount will be applied to mileage in phase two of the project, and the goal is to keep this project rolling and keep crews building trails. 

“We plan to have an opening in early spring but as I stated this will be an ongoing project and users will need to be mindful of the signage of closed areas for their safety,” Jeff Newton said. “I would like to personally thank everyone for their patience and the support they have shown to this project. It will be something our community will enjoy for many years. Topp Trails is the contractor who is building the trail.  We are blessed to have a somewhat local builder that serves as the lead builder on site. Tolland Weems is a Crossett native, and he loves building trails close to home. I think we are extremely blessed to have someone like Tolland who knows our area and cares so much about the project since this is basically his home trail.  I feel that he is putting extra effort into the project for this reason, and now he has something he can bring his family/friends to show his handiwork.”

For more information about this project, the public is invited to attend the Parks Commission meeting at 6 p.m. February 6 at the Sadie Johnson building.