Finance Committee meets to answer budget questions


The Monticello City Finance Committee met at 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday, January 23. Committee Chairman, Mark Tiner stated that the meeting was to go over the proposed budget and to answer any questions that anyone had so that next week's city council meeting could be streamlined.

Vickie Norris and Ashley Rodermund from the city’s Finance Department were on hand to present the budget and go over the projects that the city has budgeted for this year. Tiner noted that Mayor Jason Akers has done a great job managing projects and making sure that everything operates smoothly. He also said that he was pleased with the way that the One Cent Sales Tax fund has been managed.

Norris said that the city has four projects that are tied to American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds. These projects will receive a 75 percent reimbursement from ARPA. The reimbursement has not been included in the budget because all funds have not been dispersed at this point. For the East Plant Baffle System, East Plant sludge removal, and West Plant aeration, the projected amount to be reimbursed to the One Cent Sales Tax Fund is $1,095,624.48, and an additional $124,741.15 would go back into the Sewer Fund.

Norris also included the projects that are budgeted for 2024 in her report. These include the Main Street water and sewer line relocation, Bowser Pump Station, Conrad Water Tank rehab, Scogin Dr. utility relocation, Godfrey Ditch drainage project, and Phase II and III of the Lake Trail project.

Rodermund presented the proposed budgets for each department and answered questions from the Aldermen.

The committee voted to approve a five percent Cost of Living raise for city employees. This will be factored into the budget and presented for approval at next Monday’s City Council meeting.