From the Desk of the Mayor



The City of Monticello will be conducting a city wide clean up effort this week. City workers will begin cleaning up on Friday in the downtown area and Saturday, with several local churches and civic organizations participating. 

Trash bags, vests, signs and related supplies for the clean up are being provided by Keep Arkansas Beautiful and being distributed by the Mayor’s Office should anyone want to come out and help either day. 

If we want to continue on the path to being a great place to live, we have to do the things that great cities do. One of those things is caring about our towns appearance to visitors, potential investors and most importantly, our children. They will grow up to do what we show them. If we teach them to take pride in our town’s appearance, they will too. If we don’t show them, they won’t do it. It’s as simple as that. 

We all want a better Monticello. It starts with us, right now, helping in this clean up. 

If anyone is interested in participating, please call or come by City Hall and pick up some supplies. Let’s get together now and start changing our town’s appearance for the better!