Monticello Advertising and Promotion Commission, April 5, 2022


The Monticello Advertising and Promotion Commission met April 5, 2022. Members in attendance were Michael Wigley, Kim Patel Shannon Herman and Annette Taylor. Also in attendance were Joe Burgess, April Block and Lou Lambert. The meeting was called to order by Shannon Herman at 5:37pm with Roll Call taken.

Kim Patel presented the Minutes from the January and March meetings. Michael Wigley made the motion to approve the minutes, seconded by Shannon Herman and the motion passed unanimously.

The Revenue Report was presented.  Kim mentioned that the 3% Tax Income was low in February because three of the hotels checks were lost in the mail. Vickie has since received the checks and will apply in March showing an increased amount of tax collected. Kim Patel made a motion to accept the Revenue Report as presented, seconded by Annette Taylor and the motion passed unanimously.

 Meeting Agenda

Welcome Signs Update-Electrical Quote

Annette Taylor presented an update on attempt to seek other quotes for electrical work needed for the welcome signs. She stated that neither Griffin nor Forrest Electric were interest in giving a quote due to being busy and volatile market, respectively. Annette made a motion to proceed with Kellum Electric for work on signs. Seconded by Kim Patel and passed unanimously.

Easter Egg Hunt Update

Annette Taylor presented that flyers had been printed and distributed to schools, childcare centers, churches etc for the event. Volunteers for the event have been confirmed by the Fire Department, Police Department, NAACP youth department and Pauline Baptist Church. The Eric Chisom with the Fire Department has volunteered to bring a truck. Jason Akers with the Monticello Police Department has volunteered to bring patrol car and dress as the Easter Bunny. Ryan Copico of Pauline Baptist Church has proposed to purchase 5,000 additional eggs and Monticello Coffee Company will donate prizes and an Easter basket per age division. Annette Taylor to discuss with Ryan Copico set up, times for food trucks and coordinate games for the event with volunteers. Event time is anticipated to be around 9am-3pm.

 July 4th fireworks deposit check

Kim Patel presented and motioned that the check for the total invoice from fireworks provider, Terri Cossey, in the amount of $14,500 be held as deadline of February 15th has passed for 10% free product. Seconded by Shannon Herman and passed unanimously.

Elect Officers for 2022

With a majority of commissioners present, Michael Wigley motioned that Annette Taylor to hold the position of Secretary. Seconded by Kim Patel. Annette Taylor motioned Shannon Herman hold the position of Chairman. Seconded by Kim Patel. Shannon Herman motioned Kim Patel hold position of Vice Chairman. Seconded by Annette Taylor. All passed unanimously.

Administrative Assistant Updates

Kim Patel presented that Andy Patel received one application for the open position. Committee agreed to continue collecting applications until the next meeting.

Items to be Followed Up

  1. Kim Patel to contact JD Kellum at 870-723-6035 about beginning electrical work on welcome signs.
  2. Michael Wigley to pick up eggs from the MEDC building and April block will pick up from him on Friday, April 15, 2022 before 5:30pm
  3. Annette Taylor to discuss parking options with Gerald Shephard
  4. Annette Taylor to finalize details for Easter Egg Hunt with Ryan Copico and April Block
  5. Lou Lambert to discuss additional volunteers with Clarissa Pace.

Next Meeting 

May 2, 2022 at 3:00pm at Hampton Inn. 

With no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 6:14 pm.

Respectfully Submitted – Shannon Herman, Chairman