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One of My Greatest Fears


Most everyone remembers the Oklahoma city bombing which occurred in 1995.  A couple of our own Caucasian Americans got mad at the government and decided to take it out on a bunch of innocent people.  They parked a load of fertilizer in front of a building and blew it up!  168 people were killed and hundreds more injured.  Many of those killed or injured were children, as there was a daycare in the building.  Destruction took place over a several block area.  Many of those hurt were also Caucasian Americans, so there were no racial overtones.  The culprits were soon caught and punished as our judicial system allows.


I recall putting a letter in the Advance Monticellonian at the time stating we should be thankful that they did not have a nuclear device!  The entire city would have been leveled, and the dead would have been numbered in thousands.  The initial explosion over Hiroshima in 1945 killed over 250,000 Japanese.


In the partial dismantling of Russia’s nuclear arsenal, a lot of weapons grade material is unaccounted for.  One of my greatest fears is that some of this material may end up in the hands of terrorists.  It is hard to think about the possibility of one of these devices being exploded on the Island of Manhattan.  If this happened, the number killed would be in the millions, and the destruction would be far worse than any natural phenomenon we can imagine.  All of us who believe in God, regardless of the name we use for a higher power, should be praying fervently that this never happens.  Divine intervention may be the only way to prevent it.




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