Seark Diamonds of Girl Scouts would like to officially announce their new Service Unit leadership alignment for the 2023-2024 girl scout year as well as the Troop Leaders.


Service Unit  No. 111 include : Amber Garret, Director and Public Relations; Linda Beam, Treasurer; Angela Beam, Adult Recognition; Amanda Bramlett, Product Manager and Public Relations, and all events will be coordinated and planned as a committee.

Troops and Leaders include: No. 1024 and No. 1025- Linda Beam, Angela Beam, Amanda and Emily Smith; No. 1047- Angela Crawford and Audrey Rowland; No. 1162- Amber Garrett, Shanee Peacock and Juanita Campbell; No. 1165- Jennifer Nicholson, Emmalee McDaniel and Jasmine Tucker; No. 1179- Jennifer Nicholson and Amanda Bramlett