Three candidates file for Monticello Mayoral race


Earlier this year, Mayor Paige Chase announced she would not seek re-election for the Office of Mayor in November 2022. The filling period of the Office of Mayor has passed and Monticello has three candidates that will appear on the ballot: Jason Akers, Bart Gregory and Joe Rogers.

Akers is the current Chief of Police in Monticello and has served in law enforcement for more than three decades.

“Under my administration as Chief of Police, in just three years, MPD became one of the few Accredited law enforcement agencies in the State of Arkansas,” Akers stated. “As a team, we implemented sweeping reforms, cut costs, modernized our capabilities, established policy and procedure and dramatically improved community relations. Working with and listening to our community and city council, we have built coalitions and navigated difficult times together. I am excited to be running for Mayor and ask for your vote because I will bring this same level of proven leadership to City Hall. Our children’s future is determined by our actions today and failing them is not an option. When elected, I will work hard to build a Monticello that we can be proud to hand over to future generations.”

Bart Gregory is a long time Monticello resident and business owner.

I am running for Mayor of Monticello because several community members asked me to get elected to improve our town by improving the quality of the lives of all people in it,” Gregory said. “As Mayor, I will be able to work full-time for the city of Monticello and its citizens. I have the experience where it counts, right here in my hometown. I have worked hard for the people because I want to, not because I was being paid. Everyone is invited out Friday and Saturday, August 26 and 27, to the Our Festival at McCloy park. This event is bringing in vendors, visitors, and giving our citizens an opportunity to stay in Monticello for a wonderful musical experience and make family memories. I am proud of the things I have been part of, but we are not yet done. When you vote, please vote Bart Gregory. I pledge to work hard for the city and you. My door will always be open to everyone.”

Joe Rogers served as Mayor of Monticello from 2007 to 2010 and for five months in 2014.

“If elected Mayor of Monticello, one of the first things I plan to address is infrastructure improvements,” Rogers said. “It is very difficult for any community to move forward and grow as opportunities present themselves, if that community’s basic infrastructure is not ready for movement and growth. All city properties should be evaluated. Also, I plan to work cooperatively with county officials and other mayors within our region to better promote workforce opportunities for the citizens of Monticello and Drew County. I have spent a great deal of time evaluating community needs and researching ways to address these needs in the most economic ways possible.”

The mayoral election will take place on Tuesday, November 8.


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